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Electrically adjustable comfort pedicure and treatment bed
for salons and studios
Color: Black
Z socket: white
3 servomotors
CE compliant
Remote control
Headboard with face opening and removable imitation leather cushion for massage
2 foot sections can be separately adjusted in angle using a lever, can be pulled out and removed
Entire chair continuously adjustable in inclination
horizontal and inclined lying position possible
Back part electrically adjustable in angle
Seat electrically height-adjustable from approx. 60 cm to approx. 94 cm
Seat cover made of easy-to-clean and hard-wearing imitation leather
Seat can be loaded up to 200 kg
Width approx. 77 cm, length horizontally max. 193 cm
electrical values: 220V / 50Hz / 110W
Weight packed approx. 93 kg

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